Kasey and Cassie

I had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful family a few times before their wedding.  The first time I met them, I had no idea they weren't an "established" family!  The ease with which they interacted made me feel they had been together a long time.  An "old married couple", if you will.  It wasn't until Kasey called me to schedule his SURPRISE proposal that I realized they hadn't tied the knot yet.  Being a part of that proposal sealed not only their fate as a couple but our bond as client and photographer.  



The wedding was intimate, laid back, and beautiful.  Everything I had observed about Kasey and Cassie was exemplified by their wedding day.  The portraits after were full of fun, jokes, and abundant love!  It was a true pleasure being asked to photograph this couple.  


As they step forward on this journey, I am hopeful I get to help them document all the precious memories they create.

Congratulations Kasey, Cassie, and Ellie! 


I hope to help you celebrate all the big moments of your growing family!


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