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I love being invited to take part in the biggest celebration of love in a couple's lives.  It's more special when you know the women from high school and have been watching part of their love story through outlets like Facebook.  The finale of the ceremony was overwhelmingly emotional for me to witness.  One could feel the immense, pure relief wash over the couple as their dream of being married had come true.  It was beautiful and made me realize how much is taken for granted by those of us who can easily grab a marriage license and have little resistance to face.  


I have compiled a few images I gave the couple below.  I was there to capture Janelle getting ready with her closest friends, the walk to the ceremony site, the walk down the aisle, the family after the ceremony, and all the fun reception and portrait moments.  


They brought their children together with love and laughter.  United never looked or felt so good.


Congratulations Shanna and Janelle!  I wish you many years of love and laughter.

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