Hi, I'm Mel (short for Melissa).  I have been photographing with my Nikon DSLR for 10 years now.  I decided to take it to the professional level in 2015 since I waited until I felt that my work had gotten to the level that I would pay for it.  I am a perfectionist who is creative, adventurous and fun loving.  I value my intuitive ability in my work as it has proven to bring out the feeling and essence of my clients in a moving and real way.  When I photograph a subject, I want to tear down the walls we all put up (in the forms of shyness, awkwardness, etc) and make you feel at ease!  I am very easy to talk to and form relationships with new people well, which again, is a quality to be valued in my line of work.  


My overall mission is to give my clients works of art by photographing their true nature and beauty, no matter the setting.  I won't give you any images that I wouldn't pay a photographer for myself.  


I use both Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to achieve my desired result from your session, and I may take my time editing if I can't appease my inner perfectionist!  I always ask when you need/want them by, and work very well with timelines.  My camera body is a Nikon D610 and I use several lenses to capture my subjects with. 


As far as my personal life, I am a mother to 3 human babies and 4 fur-babies and have been married to my best friend since 2005.  I love puppies, well all animals!  I am an adventurer in spirit and have an unquenchable wanderlust to see new places and meet interesting people.  I love yoga and working out, but also cupcakes and baking!   I love to give back and do so by helping out The Gold Hope Project (listed in the menu above) and by helping my children's school by photographing and helping put together the yearbook.

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